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“Our FATHER who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” —Luke 11:2-4   This is not a plea of merit, but a plea of grace. Father God we recognize that you are the ultimate forgiver in sending Your son to die in our place.   We pray for the people of Qatar to accept this wonderful offer of forgiveness You have for them and may they in…

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CHILD REARING and the MORAL COMPASS Parents everywhere are concerned about raising their children well. Qatari parents, religious or not, are no exception. Because Islam is based on a moral code, even the irreligious often want to teach their children religious values. . Each family is different. Some parents take extreme measures to protect their children from evil, fearing their children will be exposed to too many damaging influences at too young an age. One such family only allows their children to interact with extended family or the hired nanny so their children internalize family behaviors and culture. Another parent rarely allows…


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Qatar’s capital city of Doha is headquarters to major news and current affair broadcaster Al Jazeera. Initially launched as a satellite TV channel, Al Jazeera has expanded to include the internet and specialty TV channels in multiple languages. As of 2007, the Arabic Al Jazeera channel claimed an estimated 40 to 50 million viewers, while Al Jazeera English estimated 100 million households. Al Jazeera has proven willing to broadcast dissenting views—or at least walk the fine line between objectivity and audience appeal—regarding coverage of news events, and even issues of morality and religion. While this has created great controversy, Al Jazeera…


walled city

Walls are a common theme in Doha. When one missionary walks through his neighborhood, he only sees imposing 10-foot walls surrounding huge new Qatari family palaces with lush gardens and run-down homes inhabited by laborers from the east. Qatari families are very private. Each house, each family, each person, has a façade. Women are covered. Men wear robes. Houses are hidden. Everything is white, giving the appearance that everyone is clean, everyone is okay, everything is fine. Despite the image they project, many are hurting and dying in darkness. Ancient Jericho was another place with walls. Joshua 6:1 tells us…



Read Noora’s profile. God, we thank you for granting Noora such abundance. She has much more than she could ever need. Yet this has created purposelessness in her life. She needs nothing. She struggles for nothing. She is overly consumed with her image. God, give her something worth living for, fighting for, being disciplined for. Noora veils because her parents expect it, but she has secret habits and friends. In Matthew 23, Jesus condemned those who were like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful and clean on the outside, but are dead and unclean inside. Convict Noora of the areas in which…


On August 31st, 2014 two UK human rights reporters went missing in Qatar while they were investigating the living and working conditions of Nepalese migrant workers. On September 7th Qatar confirmed that the reporters had been arrested for “violating the laws of Qatar”. Today the British embassy confirmed the reporters’ release and that they will soon be back in the UK. Let’s take this as an opportunity to pray: Pray that the reporters recover from their dramatic experience. Pray that the living and working conditions of the migrant workers in Qatar will drastically improve. Pray that the Qatari government will…



Read Khalid’s profile. God, You’ve given Khalid more than he needs. Thank You that his response is generosity. Yet he and so many like him are wandering aimlessly through young adulthood. They are empty, searching for something to satisfy the cravings of their souls. They will not find it in material possessions. They will not find it in friendships. They will not even find it in Islam. Truly nothing satisfies but You, Lord. Fill their emptiness with You. Give Khalid’s life meaning and purpose. Curb his selfishness. Cultivate in him a desire to live for others instead of himself. Khalid’s name…


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In Acts 10 we meet Cornelius, a powerful leader in the government and in his community. He was devout and God-fearing. He was generous. He prayed regularly. He followed the rules. Most Muslims want desperately to please God and go to heaven and raise their children to do the same. In Islam, eternal life is achieved through righteousness. Cornelius understood achieving eternal life through the same lens. But in Acts 10, God spoke to Cornelius in a vision, indicating there was more. Cornelius gathered his household and summoned Peter to explain the Good News. Peter started with common ground—“In every…


Early last year, The Doha Debates, a partnership between the Qatar Foundation and BBC World News, featured “the future of religious minorities in the Arab world.” (Click here to watch.) The Doha Debates is one of few places in the Arab world where freedom of speech is legally protected. No single government, official group, or broadcaster controls what is said or who is invited. A  controversial issue is batted around with two speakers for and against. Arguments are outlined, the chairman questions each speaker, and the audience votes electronically after discussion. The debates have garnered millions in international viewership and web hits. Sensitive topics…



On July 2nd a second stadium design for the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar was unveiled. This venue will seat 60,000 people and is planned to be the semi-final venue. The construction is expected to start this month and be completed in 2018. Pray that all of the immigrant workers will be kept safe in the construction of this building. Also pray that as immigrants come to work on this building they will come into contact with Christians and learn about His redemption.



On Tuesday Qatar Airways made its first international flight to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Qatar Airways will now have a daily flight to and from Doha at this airport. Pray that people coming to the United States would encounter a Christian that would share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.