Early last year, The Doha Debates, a partnership between the Qatar Foundation and BBC World News, featured “the future of religious minorities in the Arab world.” (Click here to watch.) The Doha Debates is one of few places in the Arab world where freedom of speech is legally protected. No single government, official group, or broadcaster controls what is said or who is invited. A  controversial issue is batted around with two speakers for and against. Arguments are outlined, the chairman questions each speaker, and the audience votes electronically after discussion.

The debates have garnered millions in international viewership and web hits. Sensitive topics are confronted: torture, terrorism and suicide bombings, political turmoil and human rights. Radical positions are often adopted.

Read John 8:32 and Sara?s profileWhether or not Qataris know freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or other freedoms, we pray they would know the Truth, which brings true freedom.


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