Month: April 2013 - Pray For Qatar


The Church

Churches and believers are present in Qatar in small numbers. While the government does not, for the most part, restrict foreigners’ private religious practices, they do restrict sharing of one’s faith in an effort to convert Muslims to Christianity. In other parts of the Arab world, disillusioned Muslims are wandering into churches to ask the spiritual questions heavy on their hearts. There is often fear: believers fear sharing openly because it might lead to discovery, job loss, and eviction from the country; churches and communities of believers fear trouble from the government and threats from the seeker’s family members. Some…


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No matter the historical era, whether or not they believe in life after death, people want to leave a legacy, to be known for something after they’ve left this world. For being one of the smallest and richest countries in the world, Qatar holds some unfortunate distinctions. Did you know… Qatar possesses the second largest government debt in the region. With the discovery of natural gas and oil, Qatar’s culture and diversity changed rapidly. Qatar has some of the highest levels of obesity and diabetes worldwide. Qataris’ water consumption is thought to be the highest in the world, about 114…