Month: September 2014 - Pray For Qatar


Pray that Muslim women in Qatar will pray for dreams, and that Jesus will reveal Himself.   For other prayers specific to Muslim women, check out


In the early 1900s, millions immigrated to America, seeking to forget the past and reinvent themselves. Qatar, with its newfound riches, is one of very few with the same opportunity to reinvent itself in modern times. . Little evidence remains of Qatar’s obscurity before oil discovery in the 1940s or natural gas discovery in the 1970s. Fifteen years ago, the country was in debt. Now Qatar is the richest nation in the world per capita. Construction and development are exploding. . As modernization and its glory collide with culture, we must recognize that the new and shiny surface likely belies…


Reading through scripture and praying for Qatar using the scriptures from the Bible is a great way to develop your prayer life and your prayers for all those living in Qatar. Click here to pray through Romans 1: Post by LIVE DEAD PRAY. Post your favorite verse to pray over Qatar.


There are a great number of Qatari students that study abroad. Pray that they encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ and would be open to learning more about being a disciple of Christ.


70,000+ people die everyday in the unreached world without Jesus. (Baxter 2007, 12). As Christians we can’t stand by and let this happen–we must be compelled to take action. It’s our responsibility to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ where it is not known. Pray with us for Qatar, an unreached nation. Pray that Christians in the country would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and bold in sharing their faith with those around them.


“If sinners be damned at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. If they will perish, let them perish with our arms around their knees. Let no one go there unwarned and unprayed for.” Let’s not discount the power of prayer. Remember to pray with us for all those living in Qatar.


walled city

Walls are a common theme in Doha. When one missionary walks through his neighborhood, he only sees imposing 10-foot walls surrounding huge new Qatari family palaces with lush gardens and run-down homes inhabited by laborers from the east. Qatari families are very private. Each house, each family, each person, has a façade. Women are covered. Men wear robes. Houses are hidden. Everything is white, giving the appearance that everyone is clean, everyone is okay, everything is fine. Despite the image they project, many are hurting and dying in darkness. Ancient Jericho was another place with walls. Joshua 6:1 tells us…



 Can you pray for all those living in Qatar? The young, the old, the national, the expatriate? Pray that they all experience Jesus Christ. Post your prayer in the comments.


In AD 100 there were 360 people for every believer. Now there are 7.3 people for every believer. In AD 100 there were 12 unreached people groups for every congregation of believers. Now there is 1 unreached people group for every 1000 congregations. (Winter). We live in a time with abundant resources and numbers of people to reach those with the Gospel who have never heard it before. Join with Pray For Qatar to intercede for all people in Qatar to come to Christ.



Read Noora’s profile. God, we thank you for granting Noora such abundance. She has much more than she could ever need. Yet this has created purposelessness in her life. She needs nothing. She struggles for nothing. She is overly consumed with her image. God, give her something worth living for, fighting for, being disciplined for. Noora veils because her parents expect it, but she has secret habits and friends. In Matthew 23, Jesus condemned those who were like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful and clean on the outside, but are dead and unclean inside. Convict Noora of the areas in which…


Muslim Brotherhood leaders are relocating from Qatar. Some Brotherhood leaders say it is to “save Qatar from an embarrassing situation” while another Brotherhood leader said that Qatar asked them to leave. Either way, we can pray for Qatar in multiple ways in this situation: Pray that, despite all foreign politics, Qatar remains gracious to its international population, as many of them are Jesus followers. Pray that Qatar seeks peace with Israel. Pray that Qatari government officials are presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ and that become receptive to Him.


“Are you willing to be offered for the work of the faithful—to pour out your life blood as a libation on the sacrifice of the faith of others?” “Are you willing to spend and be spent; not seeking to be ministered unto, but to minister?” ~Oswald Chambers Pray and ask God how He wants you to involved in His Great Commission. Ask God if He is calling you to share the gospel among unreached people; specifically ask if He is calling you to the Arab World and even to Qatar.