Month: February 2014 - Pray For Qatar


Source: Creative Commons

No matter the historical era, whether or not they believe in life after death, people want to leave a legacy, to be known for something after they’ve left this world. For being one of the smallest and richest countries in the world, Qatar holds some unfortunate distinctions. Did you know… Qatar possesses the second largest government debt in the region. With the discovery of natural gas and oil, Qatar’s culture and diversity changed rapidly. Qatar has some of the highest levels of obesity and diabetes worldwide. Qataris’ water consumption is thought to be the highest in the world, about 114…


We, the young adults in Qatar, are a testament to one of the biggest generation gaps that ever existed in this world – a generation gap that has been widened beyond belief by the unprecedented development Qatar has been through and by the interconnectedness of this era of globalization, which makes the whole world seem like one huge village. (from Qatari Voices)


Parents everywhere are concerned about raising their children well. Qatari parents, religious or not, are no exception. Because Islam is based on a moral code, even the irreligious often want to teach their children religious values. . Each family is different. Some parents take extreme measures to protect their children from evil, fearing their children will be exposed to too many damaging influences at too young an age. One such family only allows their children to interact with extended family or the hired nanny so their children internalize family behaviors and culture. Another parent rarely allows her children to go to malls…