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God, You?ve given Khalid more than he needs. Thank You that his response is generosity.

Yet he and so many like him are wandering aimlessly through young adulthood. They are empty, searching for something to satisfy the cravings of their souls. They will not find it in material possessions. They will not find it in friendships. They will not even find it in Islam. Truly nothing satisfies but You, Lord.

Fill their emptiness with You. Give Khalid?s life meaning and purpose. Curb his selfishness. Cultivate in him a desire to live for others instead of himself.

Khalid?s name means eternal. As Khalid spends hours talking with friends, guide their conversations to the spiritual. May they, together, seek You until they discover You as the source of eternal life. May they continue to dig until they unearth all You have for them.

Grant Khalid the wisdom to learn from his failures and decisions. Give him strength to resist temptation, to rise above the crowd and choose the road less traveled. Harness his power and his voice as a young Arab male to make a difference for You in Khalid?s sphere of influence.

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