The Lord’s Shepherds of the Flock in Qatar

A South Sudanese worshipper arrives to attend Sunday prayers in Baraka Parish church at Hajj Yusuf, on the outskirts of Khartoum, February 10, 2013. Sudan

Father, we lift up the church pastors in Qatar today. We ask that you would speak into their lives and direct their paths. May they know what is on Your heart for Qatar. Give them a passion for bringing believers in Qatar together for worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship. Give them a vision for reaching Qatar with your Gospel.

Boldness in Dark Places

As intercessors for Qatar, Lord, we pray for your chosen and priesthood there. Give them boldness to declare your praises in the country so that more precious ones will be rescued from darkness and brought into your marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9)


“Holy Spirit You are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere, your glory God is what our hearts long for, to be overcome, by Your Presence Lord. Let us become more aware of Your Presence, let us experience the glory of Your goodness.” This song, Holy Spirit, by Bryan & Katie Torwalt, reminds me that I want to be more and more aware of God’s presence everywhere that I am. With all of my being I want to know God. Can you pray that the Holy Spirit would begin to saturate Qatar and that the people in…