Suresh - Pray For Qatar

Age 27 - Electric company employee


Suresh is an expat worker from India. He misses home, but there weren’t many jobs there. He has a decent paying job in Qatar thanks to the electric company making a shift to hiring mostly Southeast Asian workers, but struggles with how he is viewed and treated because of his nationality. No matter how hard he works or how much he advances in his job, Qataris will always see him as a hired hand.
And though he beat out Qataris for his current job, he knows that nothing is permanent. He sees and hears about the push for Qatarization and sometimes fears that a local will replace him.

Though they must live simply, Suresh is thankful he makes enough to have his family with him; that makes him luckier than most other Indians he knows. He saves as much as he can so they can visit India about once a year.

Suresh hopes his children will grow up with great opportunities and not struggle with the prejudice he has faced. He is thankful for the opportunity to advance in his job in Qatar, but wishes he and his family could one day feel truly at home in Qatar.