Mohammed - Pray For Qatar

Age 7 - Xbox aficionado


Mohammed, 7, doesn’t have a care in the world. His parents think it unwise to deprive children—especially a boy—of sweets or foods he wants. McDonalds and TGI Friday are his favorite places to eat. He is overweight, but his thobe, or traditional white gown, allows him comfort. Mohammed enjoys playing Xbox. He doesn’t have a set bedtime, and his Sri Lankan nanny lets him have almost anything he wants.

Mohammed is often tired and struggles to focus at school. He has been learning English since starting school, but just can’t grasp it. He has improved since all government schools now require teachers to speak English. Speaking English seems to be the key to a good future. His mother would like to find a Western tutor to help him, and maybe send him to a private school where she believes his education would be significantly better. However, she sees Mohammed’s 8-year-old cousin losing his Arab identity and traditions, already self-conscious about wearing traditional clothing to school, and attributes that to private schooling. She is unsure a better education is worth what her son will lose in culture and their Islamic religion if he changes schools.