Kumar - Pray For Qatar

Age 22 - Construction worker from Nepal


Kumar is a Nepali who recently arrived in Qatar in the sweltering summer heat. He had never worked in construction, nor had he seen a concrete high-rise building until he was taken to the airport to travel to a new job in Doha. He was thrilled at the prospect of making the equivalent of USD $200 a month to send back to his village.

He was trained upon arrival, and then went directly to work. He hasn’t seen his first few months’ salary yet, and the working and living conditions aren’t good. He lives with 35 other men in a 5-bedroom villa. The cockroaches and broken air conditioners are the least of his concerns; one of his roommates fainted on the job from heat exhaustion and was severely injured. Kumar is starting to question whether it’s worth the pay to continue in manual labor. He hears he is a hero back home because of how much money they expect him to send, but he isn’t sure he can maintain this for long. He’d like to make just enough money to buy a small shop in his village and build a house for his family.