Khalid - Pray For Qatar

Age 19 - Lover of cars and gadgets


Khalid is a male high school graduate with no big aspirations. He gets whatever he wants, as his parents give him a large allowance. Khalid is very generous with his money and has no problem passing things on to his friends when he wants the newest electronic gadget. Khalid has no desire to work, as he has been given much, and doesn’t really feel motivated. His father had to work hard to get an education, but because of local politics his father’s education scared his bosses, who wouldn’t let him advance at work. Khalid sees no benefit to working hard and getting an education as it only hurt his father.

Khalid began driving before he was legally allowed. He enjoys speeding and driving wildly around Doha in his Land Cruiser. He spends time with male friends in the majlis (a sitting room or tent), coffee shops, or at the mall trying to meet ladies. Khalid is not a virgin and is dabbling in homosexual activity. He goes to prayer at the closest mosque a few times a day. He publicly follows the code of his religion to remain in his community, but secretly has a deep sense of emptiness.