Fatima - Pray For Qatar

Age 24 - Enjoying Freedom


Fatima is a young college graduate newly in her job. She works hard because it is the key to future success. She’s not ready to get married yet because she feels a husband might hold her back; as soon as she gets married she will be expected to start having children, and that would change everything. She loves children and looks forward to that time, but is just not feeling ready yet. She’s also afraid she may have to deal with an overprotective and demanding husband.

Fatima’s job is not very exciting but it is a means to get out of the house and have friends to socialize with daily; plus it’s great pocket money that is all hers. Fatima’s ideal work hours are 7am to 1pm. That is the schedule for government jobs. But her job is on a western schedule. This is a bit frustrating for her family, who feels she’s never home. When she arrives home most members of her family are already napping. In the evenings, she sometimes goes out with a group of girlfriends to smoke shisha.

Fatima is sure Islam is the true religion and the answer to the world’s problems.