Ayesha - Pray For Qatar

Age 31 - Mother of 6


Ayesha is a stay at home mom of 6 kids. Her husband doesn’t allow her to drive. In the recent past, a woman seen driving was considered “loose.” Ayesha’s husband is still concerned about this stereotype, so a hired driver takes her to the store and to family visits.

Ayesha stays up late at night, so after sending her children to school she often takes a morning nap. Afterwards she often drinks tea with friends or family or runs errands, but she is always home by noon to make sure her maid has started lunchtime preparations: her husband and children eat together around 2 pm.

Ayesha is hospitable and generous. She loves her kids and makes every effort to not give all the childrearing responsibilities to the maids. She and her immediate family mainly socialize with extended family. Ayesha is traditional in many ways and somewhat religious. While she feels Qatar has become too western, Ayesha admittedly enjoys imported Western amenities that she can easily afford now. To her, the cultural cost of having so many foreigners in the country might be worth it because of all the improvements to her life.