qatar flagQatar’s flag is maroon with a broad white jagged band on the hoist side. White symbolizes peace. Maroon symbolizes blood shed during wars. The nine-point serrated line indicates Qatar is the 9th member of the “reconciled Emirates” since the Qatari-British treaty in 1916.

Legend says Qatar’s flag was once red. When a certain dye was used in making the original flag, it was left in the sun to dry, and the hot Gulf sun faded the color to maroon. The color was regarded as more beautiful and is now called “Qatar Red”.

Red is the most popular color used in country flags. It generally symbolizes blood, sacrifice, and courage of those who defended their country; the sun and its hope and warmth.

Read Isaiah 53. We pray that when Qataris see their flag they would experience the peace that comes from Jesus Christ; they would learn of the hope and warmth Your Son gives; and they would understand the sacrifice of the blood of Christ so we can be free.

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