Walls are a common theme in Doha. When one missionary walks through his neighborhood, he only sees imposing 10-foot walls surrounding huge new Qatari family palaces with lush gardens and run-down homes inhabited by laborers frowalled citym the east.

Qatari families are very private. Each house, each family, each person, has a façade. Women are covered. Men wear robes. Houses are hidden. Everything is white, giving the appearance that everyone is clean, everyone is okay, everything is fine. Despite the image they project, many are hurting and dying in darkness.

Ancient Jericho was another place with walls. Joshua 6:1 tells us that “none went out and none came in.” The people inside were hostile to outsiders, their beliefs, their God.

Yet God had made a promise that this Promised Land would be delivered into the hands of Joshua and those he led. Joshua prayerfully sought God and obeyed his commands, and God indeed delivered the city.

Read Hebrews 11:30. We pray for Doha, for Qatar, for the places that are walled both physically and figuratively. We don’t desire to destroy the land and the people who are hidden; we desire to penetrate with the hope of Jesus. We ask God to give believers faith that God can break down the spiritual walls.

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