A Prayer for Kumar and others like him


Read Kumar?s profile.

God, You see this man who had to choose between difficult options. He chose a life far from family because the alternative was unemployment and inability to provide for them.


We pray for Kumar and others like him who work under demanding conditions and often dangerous circumstances. We ask for Your protection and provision ? give him nourishing food, health, and safety. We pray for honest and fair employers, people of conscience and conviction, who would give him the money promised for his labor.

We thank You for giving Kumar community with other laborers. Be lifted high among them. We pray You would transform the life of at least one member of this community. Use that to ignite this group of foreign laborers with a desire to know You and tell others about You.

Protect Kumar?s heart from the pride of being a hero back home. Use this time away from home to transform him powerfully with the message of Jesus so he can return home one day and share Your love with his family and friends.


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